Making a Difference
We're proud of our legacy of education in the East Cape.
Since we began in 1997, we've awarded scholarships to over 1300 deserving students.

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Scholarship application deadline is March 27th.
Bocce Ball Tournament April 14th, more info to follow.

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Our Passion: East Cape Education

Established in 1997, the East Cape Guild is a non-profit organization which provides educational benefits for the students of the East Cape region, from south of Caduano, El Triunfo in the west, and El Cardonal. The Mexican government provides free education only through the 9th grade. The costs then become the responsibility of the family.
The East Cape Guild has been working over the past sixteen years to provide scholarships to help young Mexican students attend high school. The Mexican government requires school attendance only up to the 9th grade, and provides free education only to that level. The cost to attend high school includes tuition, bus costs, uniforms, gym clothes and other school supplies. The largest expense is often the bus cost depending on how far the student lives from the high school. To support a student attending high school averages $500 each. This is a burden that many of our local families cannot afford.
The East Cape Guild consists entirely of volunteers and all money raised goes directly to scholarships. In May of this year we awarded 152 scholarships and those students are now attending school. To raise the necessary funds we hold several fundraisers during the year.

If you have already made your donation for 2014 we thank you again. If not, please consider that any donations made before the end of the year will go toward awarding scholarships in May, 2015.

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!